Carl Wickland's 30 Years Among the Dead PDF

By Carl Wickland

Vintage e-book on Spiritism, psychic study, after-death.

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Cannot you realize that you are so-called dead? At this time you are a woman. Look at your clothes. You say you are a man and yet you are wearing the clothes of a woman. Sp. For God's sake, I don't want to be a woman any more! I'm a man and I want to be a man. I used to be a man all the time, but I cannot, for dear life, know how I can get out of this condition. That woman says to go, and I try to get out, but I cannot. (Suddenly recognizing Dr. ) You are the one that gave me that fire! Praise the Lord!

Dr. Do you recognize this hand as yours? Sp. That isn't my hand. Dr. It is the hand of my wife. Sp. But I'm not your wife. Dr. You are using my wife's body only temporarily. You lost your own body a long time ago. Sp. How did that happen? Dr. I don't know. Do you know you are in Los Angeles, California? Sp. God, and Stars in Heaven, how did I come to California? I had no money. You know, there are two women here. One doesn't talk so much. She looks to me like she was sick. ) She doesn't say much, but I suppose she is so annoyed because that other woman talks so awful.

Many times I have seen my wife, accusing me for killing my child. I did kill her, God help me! I have tried to find just a little comfort and light. Dr. You cannot find light until you have understanding. Sp. God give me light and understanding! All I see is that poor child's head, split open where I struck her. I tried to ask Minnie for forgiveness, but she shrank from me and I could not get near her, and there was my wife, always accusing me for what I had done. Dr. She will not accuse you any more.

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