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It is said 5 that you give sight to the blind, make the crippled walk, the deaf hear, you cleanse lepers and cast out unclean demons by your word, you cure those who are tortured by lengthy illnesses, you healed the woman with a haemorrhage who touched you, and you raise the dead. Having heard all this about you, Lord, I have realised in my heart that you are Io either God and have come down from heaven to do these things, or you are the Son of God doing them. With this letter I therefore beg and entreat you not to deem me unworthy of your coming, so that you may cure the sickness I have.

They started to dig at a distance and contrived to get inside the city through underground passages. "When they were inside the walls, like underwater swimmers under the ground, their plot was revealed to 15 25- those inside the walls in the following way. A bronzesmith lived at that particular point within the walls, and the bronze utensils hanging up in his house all made a noise when the Persians were digging and taking the earth out. The city's inhabitants were at a loss and had absolutely no idea what to do and thus made recourse to God, seeking him with 36 THE TEXTS AND TRANSLATIONS avtov.

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