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Considering how societal expectations for women encourage a neglect of human freedom and its responsibilities. she reports that passive qualities are often defined as feminine: particularly humility. sensitivity. 108 Carr then challenges women. under these circumstances. to reconsider their own complicity in these stereotypical classifications that undervalue women's freedom and demean their identity. She calls women to question their own abdication of responsibility for self-development: Women's temptation or 'sin' ...

34-56. References in parentheses in these notes are to pages in Kaufmann's translation. 26 principal virtues of slave morality. which he finds dominant among the modern bourgeoisie. To begin. I will layout Nietzsche's criticism of slave morality as deceitful. unnatural. and fundamentally destructive of human greatness. " In showing the culturally constructed nature of morality. " The "master morality" of the classical world identifies "the good" with the Homeric hero who is strong. noble. and masterful.

So that within Christianity there was a correlation between male/female roles and male/female virtues. Torjesen writes: Parallel to the notion of the separate spheres was the Greco-Roman system of gendered virtues. Men were encouraged to cultivate the virtues of courage. justice, and self-mastery. These were public virtues. essential for participation in the life of the community. Women were encouraged to cultivate the virtues of chastity, silence and obedience. 2 Male virtues aimed at civic and personal excellence, were the principal means to honor.

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