New PDF release: A Commentary to Kant’s ‘Critique of Pure Reason’

By Norman Kemp Smith

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Of the entire significant philosophical works, Kant's Critique of natural cause is among the such a lot profitable, but essentially the most tough. Norman Kemp Smith's statement elucidates not just textural questions and minor matters, but in addition the crucial difficulties which come up, he contends, from the conflicting traits of Kant's personal pondering. Kemp Smith's statement remains to be famous with Kant students, and it truly is being reissued right here with a brand new advent by means of Sebastian Gardner to set it in its modern context.

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Xxix, II. 4). There are t wo main reasons fo r be lievi n g t h at Kan t h ad not himself read t he Treatise, He was im pe rfectly acqua int ed wit h t he English lan guage, and t here was no ex isting Ger ma n t ransla tio n. (Ja kob's t ransla tion did not ap pear till 1790-9 1. On Kant's kn ow ledge of F. nglish , cr. Erdman n; Arcniv (ii r Gf'sclli(lIte dff Philosophi,', Rd . t. (1888) pp . ; and K. Groos: Kant-Studien, Bd. v. (l9(Xl) p. : an d below, p. ) And, secondly, Kan t's state men ts reveal hi s en tire igno rance of Hurne's view of ma thematical science as given in th e Trfatist>, 2 Cl.

SC IENC E OF LOG IC xltit Th at the a priori is o f this ch aracter mu st be clea rly unde rstood . Otherwise the read er will be pu rsued by a feelin g of the unreality, of the merely h istorical or antiquarian sign ificance, of th e en tire di scussion . He may, if h e pleases, substitu te the term form al or relationa l for a priori . And if he bears in mi nd th at by the relationa l Kant is h ere in ten ding those eleme n ts in knowledge which render possible the relations constitutive of mean ing, he will recogn ise th at th e Critical d iscussion is by no mea ns antiquated, bu t sti ll rem ains one of th e most im port ant issues in the e nti re field of ph ilosophic al enq uiry.

I The te rm "recogni tio n " is em ployed by Kant in its widest sense, as co vering. for insta nce, recognitio n of t he past as past, o r of an object as being a certain kind of ob ject . Z Co nsciousn ess of li me, conscio usness of objects in space, co nscio usness of self, are the th ree modes of expe rience which Kant seeks to analyse. l'. to be a form of awareness t hat involves relat io nal cetegor tes anti universal co ncepts. J As we have noted (above, pp. xxvt-xxvnj. it was Hume's insiste nce upon the synt hetic, no n-self-evident character of t he causal axiom t hat awakened Kant from his dogmatic slumbe r.

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