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Where is the human being in a strand of DNA? A human being isn’t in the chemicals any more than the program is in its code or a novel is in the printed words: the form of the human being is somehow represented by a pattern, and the chemicals in DNA are just one way of expressing that pattern. The technology now exists to read the pattern in DNA, encode it so that the pattern can be sent down a telephone, and turned back into DNA at the other end. At some point the form of a human being was flying down a telephone wire.

Kabbalah); the law and popular morality; in fact, any beliefs which give it the power to retain its identity, uniqueness and integrity. Because this parasite of the soul uses religion (and its esoteric offshoots) to sustain itself they have little or no power over it and become a major part of the problem. There are various ways of overcoming this personal demon (Carroll [4], in an essay on the subject, calls it Choronzon), and the two I know best are the cataclysmic and the abrasive. The first method involves a shock so extreme that it is impossible to be the same person again, and if enough preparation has gone before then it is possible to use the shock to rebuild oneself.

It is called this because it is exalted above every head from where it sits upon the throne of Binah. ” One of the titles of Binah is Khorsia, or Throne, and the image which this text provides is that Binah provides the framework upon which Malkhut sits. We will return to this later. 29 Notes on Kabbalah Table 12: Element Fire Air Water Earth God Name Elohim Jehovah Eheieh Agla Archangel Michael Raphael Gabriel Uriel Elemental King Djinn Paralda Nichsa Ghob Elemental Salamenders Sylphs Undines Gnomes what it is.

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