A History of the Council of Trent, Volume I: The Struggle by Hubert Jedin PDF

By Hubert Jedin

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308 ff. , 3 1 4 ff. 5 H. l{euss en , "Die Stellung der Universitat l{oln im grossen Schisma und zu den Reformkonzilien", in Annalen des I-Iistorischen Vereins fur den Niederrhein, cxv ( 1 929), pp. 225 - 54· 6 I{aufmann, Geschichte der deutschen Universitaten, VOL. II, pp. 89-92. 1 The University of Cracow identified itself with the opinions expressed by the Universities of Paris, Vienna, Leipzig, Erfurt and Cologne previous to its recognition, after prolonged hesitation, of Nicholas V, on 3 July 1 449.

Supreme power, as well as infallibility, belong to the General Council, which derives its authority directly from Christ, while it represents at the same time the unanimous agreement of all Christians. The Council is above the Pope and may depose him; or reform him, as the case may be, not only if he falls into heresy but for any other misdemeanour. The Council is convened by the Pope but does not depend on him ; its decisions do not need papal confirma­ tion ; on the contrary, they are binding on him, so that he can only dispense from them in particular cases.

3 Gozzadini's work is anything but an academic treatise. It is an impassioned appeal for a reform, a Cassandra's warning to the Popes of the Renaissance. " Scarcely ten bishops would be equal, at this day, 1 The apologia is in Goldast, Monarchia, VOL. II, pp . 1 65 3 -65; Decius's memorial, ibid. , pp . 667-76 . 2 M. Ugenius, D e conciliis (sine loco, I 5 3 2), fols. 2 8 ff. , 9 7 ff. "Giovanni Gozzadini, eli1. , XLVII ( 1 9 3 9), p p . 1 9 3 -26 7 . 39 THE COUNCIL OF TRENT t o the demands of a General Council " ; he writes, " unless we take thought and reform a just God will himself exact terrible vengeance, and that before long !

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