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By R.Douglas Geivett, Holly Pivec

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This critique offers a framework for knowing and studying the frequent yet little-known New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) stream. because the authors nation within the preface: "We write this ebook with significant ambitions in brain. First, to offer humans an idea of the sheer measurement and succeed in of the NAR circulate. And moment, to systematize its key teachings and practices and assessment them at the foundation of Scripture and cautious reasoning … . In our judgment, the NAR viewpoint crosses those obstacles [that is, sure large parameters, published in Scripture and practiced within the historic orthodox church], and it does so partially as a result of wrong theology rooted in a improper knowing of Scripture. we want to warn readers a couple of attainable confusion: a few critics have associated the NAR circulate with mainstream Pentecostalism and charismatics. we don't do that. in truth, it's our competition that the NAR move deviates from classical Pentecostal and charismatic teachings. This move has emerged out of autonomous charismatic church buildings and, therefore, has received a foothold in lots of of these church buildings in various degrees."

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135 There’s an even more pressing reason. Failure to submit to a NAR apostle is seen as failure to submit to God. ”136 If apostles sit at the top of church government, then how are they kept from abusing their authority? To whom are they accountable? Wagner allows that the issue of apostolic accountability is tricky. ”138 Wagner’s hope is that overseeing apostles will voluntarily develop accountability relationships with other overseeing apostles. But this remains experimental. ”139 The Source of an Apostle’s Authority Where do apostles get their authority?

It is fascinating that even though we have had church government backward over the past two centuries according to 1 Corinthians 12:28, we have evangelized so much of the world! 186 Of these interpreters, some believe that the apostles and prophets identified in this passage held a temporal office—of highest authority or ranking—in the early church. They deny that this verse establishes ongoing offices in church government. Others believe that the apostles and prophets referenced in 1 Corinthians 12:28 did not hold a limited, temporal office.

159 They explicitly deny the authority of the Pope and see his role as unbiblical. God gives apostles limited specific spheres of authority. Within their assigned spheres, their authority is tremendous. 160 Nor does any so-​called territorial apostle have exclusive jurisdiction in a geographic region. Instead, multiple apostles may operate in one city at the same time. In that case, individual apostles are assigned to different sub-​spheres within the city. For example, one apostle might operate within the black community, another within the Hispanic community, and yet another within the white community.

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