A worldwide geographical distribution of neurotropic fungi, - download pdf or read online

By Guzman G., Allen J.W., Gartz J.

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Semilanceata (Stamets, 1978, 1996; Lincoff, 1981; Arora, 1986; Redhead, 1989; Turner & Szczawinski, 1991) P. stuntzii (Beutler & Vergeer, 1980; Guzmán, 1983) Colorado Amanita muscaria (Chilton & Ott, 1976; Jenkins, 1977, 1986) A. , 1967; Stamets, 1978, 1996) Gymnopilus sapineus (Hesler, 1969) Panaeolus papilionaceus (Gerhardt, 1996) Connecticut Amanita muscaria (Jenkins, 1977, 1986) A. , 1979) C. cyanescens (Singer, 1960a; Pollock, 1976; Stamets, 1978, 1996; Schultes & Hofmann, 1979; Hatfield, 1979; Kinghorn, 1979) C.

Villosus (Derbsch & Schmitt, 1984 & 1987) Psilocybe azurescens (Stamets, 1996) P. bohemica (Stamets, 1996) P. cyanescens (Bresinsky & Haas, 1976; Gartz, 1996; Krieglsteiner, 1986; Müller & Gartz, 1986; Stamets, 1996) P. mairei (Derbsch & Schmitt, 1984 & 1987; Guzmán, 1995) P. semilanceata (Guzmán, 1983; Derbsch & Schmitt, 1984 & 1987; Kell, 1991; Samorini, 1992; Gartz, 1996) P. serbica (Bresinsky & Haas, 1976) P. , 1989; McKenna, 1990; Ott, 1993; Wasson, 1995) A. , 1989) Claviceps nigricans (Dennis, 1968) C.

1966b; Pollock, 1976; Chilton, 1978; Schultes & Hofmann, 1979; Samorini, 1989; Stamets, 1996) C. cyanopus (Heim, 1978) Inocybe aeruginascens (Kuyper, 1986) I. corydalina var. corydalina (Kuyper, 1986) I. haemacta (Kuyper, 1986) Panaeolina foenisecii (Pollock, 1976) Panaeolus papilionaceus (Gerhardt, 1996) P. , 1967; Pollock, 1976; Heim, 1978) Pluteus salicinus (Gartz, 1996) Psilocybe cyanescens (Chilton, 1978; Gartz, 1996) P. , 1996) 237 P. strictipes (Heim, 1957b; Huijsman, 1961; Guzmán, 1983; Bon, 1987a; Stamets, 1996) Inocybe corydalina var.

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A worldwide geographical distribution of neurotropic fungi, an analysis and discussion by Guzman G., Allen J.W., Gartz J.

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